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Solar EV Charging

EV Solar Charging

Charging your electric vehicle has not always been compatible with solar generation. Electric vehicles like to charge at their full rate, usually 16A (3.6kW) for most hybrids and 32A (7.2kW) for full electric vehicles. This tends to overwhelm the output of most domestic solar PV arrays. This means that the power to charge the vehicle is coming from the grid and the owner is therefore paying for the power.

RolecEV now produces a new WallPod that can save the EV owner money and reduce carbon footprint by tracking the power being generated by the solar array and using that energy to directly charge the vehicle. The Rolec EV Solar Charge has two separate modes;

Solar Only EV charge

1. Solar only mode - Monitors and tracks the power being generated by the solar array and limits the charge provided to the EV matching exactly the power being produced by the panels. Therefore the EV is now charging completely on solar power.

2. Solar + Grid mode - Monitors and tracks the solar power being generated. Charging power will be automatically topped up to the maximum load (3.6kW/7.2kW) from the Grid.

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