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Generator Supply & Installation

  • Generators from 4kVA to 120kVA

  • Diesel and gas powered

  • Single & 3 phase units

  • Advice and consultation

  • Silent and super silent generators

  • Connection to existing electrical power systems

  • Backup power, temporary power and prime power installations

  • Automatic changeover switches

  • Delivery and installation

Don't be left in the dark. How much do you value constant access to your data, heating, internet? We can supply generators for domestic and commercial use to suit all budgets. How much would even one day without power cost your business or your home? 

Backup power generators can be installed easily and cheaply with little on-going maintenance. Generators supplied from major manufacturers including Hyundai, Stephill and Pramac. 

Silent and super-silent generators can be installed in built up areas to provide backup power without any noise nuisance to your neighbours or employees.

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