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Energy Efficiency

Energy Monitoring


Do you really understand how you use your electricity? The first step to energy efficiency is understanding your usage in detail. I can analyse your electrical usage month to month, day to day and minute to minute. 

Have a solar PV system and want to know how much you are producing? A detailed analysis of your PV production will help make sure that your system is working correctly and help you make the best savings through its use. 

Use a Voltage Optimer to reduce your energy costs


The voltage supplied to your home can vary significantly. The UK standard is 230V +10% and -6%. This means anywhere between 253V - 216V. All appliances sold in the UK with a CE mark have to be designed to work equally well with all these voltages. However these higher voltages mean higher power=more cost. A voltage optimiser saves you money by controlling the amount of electrical energy entering your home, letting in what is needed and eliminating over supply.


If you want to know how much you could save just ask and I'll be happy to estimate your savings. 

Upgrade to LED


LED lights are lights aren't new, they have been around for a few years now.  However they are still not being used as often as they should. There are LED alternatives to most existing light fittings; candle bulbs, downlighters, exterior lights, florescent tubes etc. etc..

Want to know how much you could save? Ask for a suvey for a cost to change out all your old lights (including those slow to warm up old energy saving bulbs). You'll see instant cost reductions in your bills. 

A typical voltage optimiser. Fitted between the meter and and the consumer unit.

Filament Bulb

Lifetime 1,200 hours


3285 kWh/yr

Compact Florescent

Lifetime 8,000 hours



LED bulb

Lifetime 50,000 hours


329 kWh/yr

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